Canyoneering Adventure

My hubby and I live for adventure, so when some friends contacted me asking if we'd be interested in going to Zion National Park to do some canyoneering, we were chomping at the bit. Gear was prepared, the canyons were researched, the Green Machine Westfalia camper van was packed and two weeks later we were in Zion, Utah. To say that Zion is beautiful does not do it justice. Larger than life sandstone plateaus and canyons were highlighted by the contrasting colors of brilliant green trees and the stained iron oxide rock.

There were these cool roadside stores selling all kinds of interesting stones and rock. I sifted through many boxes of geodes, stones and fossils for jewelry ideas. Split rocks with patterns that looked like sunset horizons, piles of blue glass and agate were everywhere.


Arriving a few days earlier than the rest of the group, we decided to do some hiking and exploring of our own. The picture above was taken from the Angels Landing hike which was an absolutely breathtaking hike for more reasons than the exhausting switchbacks!

Navigating through one of the many subterranean caverns in Pine Creek Canyon. Gorgeous canyon, however, we had to swim through very smelly stagnant water on more than one occasion. Sometimes you have to deal with some unpleasantries to experience such beauty!


The shot above depicts one of the many upward views we had while navigating through the canyons.

Hubby's rappel into Keyhole Canyon.

We had the pleasure of staying in Zion for seven days with a total of three back to back days of canyoneering. We completed Keyhole Canyon, Mystery Canon and Pine Creek Canyon. Each canyon had it's own unique approach and special attributes. Canyoneering essentially consists of hiking, down climbing and rappelling all the while following the flow of rain water that over thousands of years have carved deep canyons between mountains. This was our first time canyoneering and will not be our last!


Nicole Wright
Nicole Wright